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 Post subject: New Applicants Please Look Here First!
PostPosted: January 4th, 2012, 7:42 pm 
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If you are interested in applying to Black Sun, please click the following link:

Application Form

Please read the following:

tommy_chong wrote:
I just wanted to make this post about blacksun recruiting procedures for the current applicants, and applicants in the future. When you apply to blacksun, you are applying to blacksun as an individual, not a group. Sometimes all the people applying together will get in, and sometimes some will get in while others may not. The application process is determined by individual activity/ fit for blacksun. Feel free to apply with friends here, but please realize unfortunately we cannot always accept all friends of a group all the time. I just thought this post will be helpful moving forward so people realize getting accepted into blacksun is on an individual basis.

Witch wrote:
This section is for the recruitment process of new Blacksun members and is a free public area.

Therefore ANYONE even not tagged into the fleet may ask relevant questions to help with the process. There is no such thing as a "members may only post questions" get that through your heads that ANYONE may post a question.

I see controversy in some applications that are not needed over who has the "rights" to post and ask questions.

Please also be aware that information or posts in a recruitment topic should pertain to the application process while also having some fun (Note: NO racism, discrimination, or any other form to attack one personally is accepted) .

I am not pointing fingers at anyone I just want to make it clear in a general post that anyone may post in this Forum Section.

TheRoyalPort wrote:
Due to some security issues on this site, users aren't allow to do much at all until they are given certain rights by a forum administrator. Since we still greatly value input from all sources in this area, anybody with an account and unable to post in public areas is encouraged to find any BS member in-game in order that word may be passed and full public access be given.

Christopher Hitchens wrote:
What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.


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